SFIT – Itchen to Run

This week in SFIT we did the long awaited run over the Itchen Bridge and outside of that I fill you in on my training.

(Credit: Tim Young) L to R: Ash, Tim, Jon, Chris and Matt. (I’m not really that short, I’m bending down so you can see the badge. Honest)

We started the session with a depleted squad of 5 owing to sickness and shift patterns.  Paul’s element was about about the myths of diet and the media. It was pretty much a catch up on the various nutrition subjects that we’d covered in the last few weeks.  The media play a part in what we learn about the perfect diet or lifestyle however the key point was that the message really hasn’t changed.  The media have an agenda to sell products through advertising, some visible and some not so visible, and therefore this agenda could lead in one direction or another based on what product is being sold but having a mixed diet, reducing your salt and sugar intake, not eating fatty foods and maintaining a good level of fitness is still the best way to lead a healthy lifestyle.

The second part of the session was the long awaited Itchen Bridge run.  We’d been promised this for a while and, as I had been doing a lot of running during January on a 25 mile challenge, this was something that I looked forward to.  Although the group was a lot smaller than normal we were all around the same level of fitness.

We warmed up with a lap around St Mary’s and then some stretches before heading off towards the bridge.  Marion led the group whilst we split the run into intervals. We’d run for a minute-thirty, walk for thirty seconds and then run for a minute-forty five and so on.

I’d been running a lot on the treadmill so it made a change to do a proper run.  I did a lot of running in my younger days and the training I’d undertaken in January had set me up well.  I did have a slight niggle with my left knee which was down to running on the treadmill and over compensating for an already dodgy right knee however it wasn’t causing me any problems.

We reached the Woolston side of the bridge and then turned around to head back to St Mary’s, keeping a fairly tight pack.  As we reached the far side of the bridge Marion let us run at our own pace back to the stadium.  It was at this point I noticed that Ash was running alongside of me to my left.  There’s two things you need to know about Ash; one is that he’s always smiling no matter how gruelling the work is and secondly, he’s literally about 12 years old.

My legs felt healthy so I stepped up the pace on Marine Parade, past the Chapel Arms on the left and the various wharfs on the River Itchen on the right. Ash stepped up the pace so I stepped up mine. He stepped it up again so I did the same.  By the time we got back to the stadium I was almost on my knees. Ash looked pretty knackered but there he was, smiling like a Cheshire cat.  Although gasping for breath I felt really happy as I wouldn’t have been able to run at that pace at the beginning of January, let alone the beginning of the SFIT course or  keep up with someone so young.

Itchen run

Big Bike Ride Training

I  was under  strict orders to skip the gym on Friday evening by my wife Lisa as I had to rest the dodgy knee but I did manage to get there on Saturday.  I changed my programme around so as not to cause any more issues with the knee and also tried a bit of cycling on the static bike to gauge whether the knee would hold out.

Last weeks bike ride was cancelled owing to the weather so this week I decided to go out on my own.  I created a 36 mile\58km ride around Beaulieu, Brockenhurst, Rheinfield, Burley and then back through Brockenhurst and Beaulieu. I found it really hard going and my legs struggled at times. The knee held out but it was a bit tight going up the hills.  If I’m honest, I still haven’t got the hang of which gears to use; it’s more hit and hope I find the right one.  Any pointers would be gratefully received.

28Jan 18

A 3d view can be found here

Next week is a 44 mile ride with the Saints Foundation which I’m both looking forward to and apprehensive about.  I’ve never ridden with a group before and I don’t consider myself particularly fast.

Lastly, once again I’m overwhelmed with the level of support, sponsorship and words of encouragement on this.  Cycling 233 miles is no small feat and I’m happy that you lot are behind me all the way.

SFIT& Saints Foundation – It’s Not About The Bike

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