SFIT – The Prawn King

This week in SFIT we tackled the choices we can make when choosing to eat out and also pushed it hard in circuit training. If anything I was starving at the end of it.


Week 11

King Prawn Curry and Egg Fried Rice*. That was my answer when Paul asked what our favourite takeaway was. I didn’t hesitate. Didn’t even have to think about it. The reason being is that the last time I had one was in July 2017. I measure just how good a Chinese takeaway is by it’s King Prawn Curry and Egg Fried Rice. Just typing those words makes me hungry. The best I’ve ever had is not too far from the services at Exeter on the M5.

The objective of Paul’s discussion was to get us thinking about the amount of calories that we consume in our favourite takeaways and what choices we could make to reduce the damage of filling up with a bucketful of calories in one meal. The main takeaways were:

  • Typically it takes longer to get a takeaway than it does to make it yourself
  • It definitely costs more
  • You feel obliged to to eat it all because it’s a treat and you’ve paid for it.

The last point is a very valid one. As Paul pointed out, the portion of chips you get from the chip shop would feed a whole family if you applied the strict portion sizes of starchy food from the plate of well being. Add to that your typical fat intake shouldn’t be anymore than 35g then you’ve just doubled that in one go.

It was a lively discussion because it’s obvious we all like our food and Vijay gave some really good insight on the fat content of Indian food and also how to have healthy options. He just made me hungrier if I’m honest and I’d love to be a guest at his table, his food sounds amazing.

We finished the segment with a quiz on what the calorie and fat content was on typical takeaways and then what we could do to reduce the impact. What’s clear is that you’re eating more calories and fat than you think you are and also add to the fact that you may also consume a few beers at the same time then you’re eating a lot in one sitting. Also… remember alcohol gets prioritised over other food in the body.

Marion was missing for the fitness session so Paul took it this week. We followed the pattern of the usual circuits but Paul asked as to leave some in reserve for the first round of circuits but then go flat out on the second round. This was the hardest I’d worked since being on SFIT and it took longer for me to recover. I felt exhausted whilst I was doing the sit-ups against the advertising board for a Japanese sushi restaurant. And hungry.


The 163 was me running up the stairs in the Kingsland. I had wobbly legs by this bit.

The course so far has been really informative. I’ve enjoyed every bit. It’s reminded me about the basics of nutrition and exercise and taught me things I didn’t know as well. It’s pointed out the reason’s why you lose your fitness and gain weight and also how you still enjoy your beer and takeaways but sensibly. In addition to all of this, it’s introduced to me a great bunch of lads and there’s always a lot of laughter at the sessions. Watching Simon shout ‘Calm down Cassius!!’ as he was being pushed back about 10 feet whilst Ash was doing his boxing was one of the funniest takeaways of the session.

Can’t wait for next week.

*My brilliant wife Lisa found a great low calorie curry powder that you just add water to. This Friday we had homemade King Prawn Curry for the first time in months but with boiled rice. Just as good as Exeter.

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