SFIT – Chris, Programmed for the Future

This week Chris Pendreigh is our guest SFitter blogger talking about the SFIT course’s trip to the gym where they put together gym programmes for the team.  Also, I give an update on my Big Bike Challenge training.

The bike training is going reasonably well.  I’m adding about 5 miles to every training ride which is adding more time on the saddle. Riding a bike is easy however having the stamina to continually ride the bike for several hours and tens of miles is why you do the training.  I find it easier to ride the bike on a long trip rather than to use the turbo trainer inside.  I’ve now started to run between a mile and half to 3 miles straight after each training ride to build up my stamina and to get used used to digging deep into my reserve.

My last ride took me around the New Forest through Beaulieu to Lyndhurst to Brockenhurst and then back through Beaulieu and onwards towards Fawley.  I wouldn’t say I’m the fastest and I think my average speed was around 10 miles\17 km an hour so it’ll be interesting to see how I get on riding with others in a group.  I’m planning on going out with the Saints Foundation Let’s Ride group this weekend on a 33 mile.


If you haven’t sponsored me then please do consider it.  I’m already close to my initial target of £700 and have at least £100 pledged to me next pay day from loads of people.  Link below:

SFIT& Saints Foundation – It’s Not About The Bike

Also, if you’re interested in doing the Big Bike Ride then there’s an open evening at St Mary’s on 5th February and more information can be found here:

Big Bike Ride

Thank you to everyone for the sponsorship and support.  I couldn’t make this weeks session owing to a family illness so now over to Chris for the SFIT blog!

The Gym….

I’ll be taking over for a short blog here for Jon, while he sorts out some real issues. I wish him and his family well.

Well, this Thursday evening, we descended on the gym in Bursledon, a nice place situated just above the Range and a bingo hall.

My own journey so far has been interesting. My last weight check on Monday was at 81.2kg meaning I’ve now lost 10kg since I started this health and exercise change. Going back a few weeks, I decided to do this because I was finding it difficult to get my socks on, and getting into my suit proved pointless.

The gym was a way of getting everyone to understand how to use different pieces of machinery. We had a 2k challenge, although it was slightly negated because we were split into two groups, one of whom got told about times and the other wasn’t. Whoops.

Anyway, Vijay, Ian, Ash and myself all got stuck into the treadmills, and each went at differing speeds dependant on what each person can cope with. It was a good way of working out the dials and speeds. I ended up at 9.5 mph (allegedly) and managed to finish in about 10 mins. I’m not sure because I got distracted.

Then it was the rowing machines. I managed to complete the 2km in 6 mins at 31 strokes a minute. This is where I saw some drawbacks in technique. You can’t help but notice what others are doing, and the guy who wasn’t an SFitter and clearly knew the gym better than me went at some ridiculous speed and finished without breaking a sweat.

Finally and the hour almost up, we then did the cycling machines. By this point, I think all of us were exhausted. I’m a keen cyclist already. I cycle to work every day so I figured this would be a breeze. Not so much. One thing on a bike, you tend to go at different speeds, going uphill is a temporary thing. On an exercise bike, it’s permanent and burns through your energy quickly. I had to reduce the torque only a minute after putting it up.

Finally having realised I had now done 6km, i got off and went to see where everyone else was. Some were doing weights, and I’m not sure where my group disappeared to, but time was up.

The idea was to get us used to the gym. I am already signed up to one gym and for me it was interesting to see the differences between them. They cater for different levels in my opinion. In fact its one thing that puts me off my own gym. Club music and an emphasis on beautiful bodies whereas this gym was far quieter, people tuned into their own thing and for me it was better because of that. Oh well…

Next week, back to St Marys and running up Kingsland


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