SFIT – Packets of Crisps


This week we return to SFIT after the excesses of Christmas and I get on the bike!

Sadly for my family Christmas was all but cancelled as my mother-in-law fell seriously ill. This upset our routine and what we had planned however I did manage a few drinks over the festive period and put on a couple of pounds.  I’m back at Slimming World next week so I’ll see what the damage is then.

I did do few gym sessions in between trips to the hospital and so far I’ve also managed a couple of bike rides for the SaintsFC Big Bike Challenge. The first was just to get to know the bike and my kit so was a small ride of 7 miles.  The second ride was 13 miles long and was more about getting used to using cleats and special pedals. The thought of attaching my feet onto the bike using cleats terrified me however after a couple of training runs on my turbo trainer and a few hundred metres into the bike ride I was extremely comfortable with them.

The bike seat has taken some time to get used it.  It feels like I’ve been bummed by the Incredible Hulk.

Whilst the family routine is still upside down with hospital trips I’ve decided to change my training routine in January. Rather than doing a full 45-60 mins gym session 4 times a week I’ve set myself a target of running 25 miles during the month. I’m doing this in either 1.5 or 3 miles stints on the treadmill. This enables me to measure and subsequently improve my performance each time.

Week 9

Paul and Marion welcomed back a slightly depleted group of 7 which was owing to a lot of people having colds. Paul’s topic for the week was back to nutrition but this time he talked about the traffic light system on food packaging and how and what to read  This was quite interesting as although I was aware of it I was quite ignorant of what it really meant.   We had a quiz regarding what we though the calorie content was of various packets and tins of food in front of which threw up a few surprises. What is apparent is that, typically the more appealing the food packaging the more likely it’s going to have a a high calorie content.  It’s made to entice you to buy.  Also, Paul made a good point about how large packets of crisps such as Doritos hold several days worth of calories however it’s all too easy to snaffle a large bag in one go.

The major learning point this week was about energy density.  High density foods contain more than 225 calories per 100 grams and include foods such as sweets, crisps, butter and fast food.  Medium density foods contain about 100-225 calories per 100 grams and these include bread, lean meat, poultry and fish.  Low energy dense foods contain less than 100 calories for every 100 grams and include most vegetables, fruits and spuds as well as wholewheat pasta and rice.  Paul’s message wasn’t that you shouldn’t eat high or medium density foods but rather if you do and you want to keep the weight off then at least understand how these foods play a part and your calorie intake on the plate of well being we talked about in Week 2.

Out fitness training took place in the Chapel Stand concourse as the Kingsland Stand was busy with cherry pickers.  It looked like there was a lot of work going on around the stadium and the pitch was being worked upon following the torrential rain of the recent Palace game (we won’t talk about that).

Marion introduced a press ups into the exercises and for a change, put two cardio exercises one after another. Interval training is all about pushing the heart, dropping it down with a less stressful exercise and then pushing the heart again so it’s usually a cardio exercise such as running up the steps and then a less stressful exercise such as the resistance bands.

Station Exercise
1 Trampettes
2 Wobble cushions
3 Sit ups on the bouncy balls
4 Press ups
5 Boxing
6 Resistance bands
7 Running up Block 18 steps
8 Jog and sprint

Even though I’d kept up a good level of training over Christmas I still found it hard going back and so did Chris, my usual partner.  By the end of it we were both feeling weak.

Next week we’re looking forward to a gym session and putting together a training programme.

The Saints Foundation are now on the look out for new people for future SFIT courses so if you’re interested then don’t hesitate to contact either Paul or Marion.  Also, although the course has been designed specifically for men (it originated from the Scottish NHS where they recognised an obesity issue in males), they are looking at doing a course for women so register your interest with them for when they are ready.

Contact details are here and let them know you’ve come via the nottherealjon blog.

Saints Foundation

Lastly, at the time of writing I’ve reached 49% of my fund raising target for the Big Bike Challenge and I can’t thank you enough. Apart from providing me with encouragement and support you’re helping out the Foundation and the fantastic work they do. Thank you, you’re awesome and your name has been added to the roll of honour.  If you want to sponsor me then please click on the link below and also learn about some of the Foundation’s brilliant activities. If you have a friend in the challenge then sponsor them rather than me, every bit helps!

Big Bike Challenge

See you next week!

This weeks blog is dedicated to other another member of the SFIT course who unfortunately had a worse Christmas than most of us.  Much love to you and your family.

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