SFIT & SW – A Touch of Ali Dia

This week I give you an insight about what happens at Slimming World and talk about this weeks football activity at SFIT


Back in Week 1 I touched upon going to Slimming World and how it was helping me reduce my weight.  Once I decided that I was going to change my lifestyle and lose weight, I asked my wife Lisa if she’d come with me to Slimming World.  Lisa wanted to lose weight herself however I needed my hand holding.  I had visions of Matt Lucas’s character from Little Britain shaming people if they put weight on.  I knew these groups were predominantly full of women and I did feel uncomfortable going without my safety net of Lisa.

We were greeted by Alice Corby, the group leader on arrival. Alice is a bubbly character with an infectious personality.  She went through the basics of the Slimming World diet and how to food optimise. We then took our seats with the main group and joined in what is known as Image Therapy.  This sounds a bit tree-huggery but it’s not.  It’s a discussion between the group on their respective successes and failures. We swap tips and tricks on how to maintain the diet and set ourselves a target for weight loss for the following week.  What is clear is that those that make the whole lifestyle change. including increasing their exercise, lose the weight the quickest and maintain it.

The friendly and warm nature of the group is a reflection on Alice.  We’ve made some great friends since starting with them and I’m glad we picked this group.  It’s not just a case of weighing in and then running off.  I’ve made the commitment to lose weight and the group sessions play a major part in rebooting my lifestyle change.

What amazes me and what sets this group apart is the amount of people that have successfully reached their weight targets and who choose to still come to the group and actively take part in the Image Therapy session. They’re all inspirations with their own stories to tell about their weight loss journeys.

When we started there were 2-3 other blokes at the group so I felt more at ease.  I would strongly recommend any fellow #saintsfc fans to consider joining Alice’s group if they are serious in losing weight, especially if they live on the Southampton side of the New Forest.  It meets every Tuesday at Jubliee Hall in Fawley.  The Facebook group is below otherwise, if you’re hesitant about going alone then give me a shout and I’ll introduce you.

Slimming World Fawley with Alice

Where When Telephone
Jubilee Hall
The Square Fawley
SO45 1DD
Tuesdays 5:30pm and 7:30pm 07709837866

Week 8

This week was about football.  A kick around. A chance to demonstrate a well oiled football machine, a time to display great technical skills and individual brilliance with flair and a football at our feet.  It had none of that.

Rather, it was more like watching two teams of  cloned Ali Dia’s play his now infamous 5 minutes on the pitch. That said, it was bloody great laugh.

The session started with a walk around to the Hub, a caged off 5-aside pitch at the back of St Mary’s run by the Saints Foundation. I had a short chat with Ben Moore from the media department about a future blog post and then went straight into the game after a warm up.

The game itself was fun. We were split into 2 groups of unequal ability…. it was one sided traffic but it did make me run around, increase my steps and burn off almost 500 calories.  Whilst this may have been a game of football this was still a lesson as it gave us another way of exercising.  It doesn’t have to be circuit training every time and you do need to mix up the way you exercise to get the most benefit.  Everyone gave 100% to the game regardless of their fitness levels.

The one personal highlight of the game for me was a ‘brilliant’ display of football genius as I weaved through the midfield and defence and scored a goal much like Chris Marsden against Ipswich.  Truth be told, it had nothing to do with talent but more that the instructions my brain were telling my feet didn’t get there quick enough and my legs just kept running on their own accord.

As this was the last session of the year I’d like to give warm Christmas wishes to all my blog readers and my friends at both SFIT and Slimming World.





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