SFIT – Update from Chris

Well, we are now halfway through the SFit course, and quite frankly, it’s been really enjoyable so far.

Between Paul and Marion, I have learnt how to eat and regulate my diet in a way where I don’t have to quit any food if I don’t want to, but I have lost nearly 3kg with the simple tips we’ve been given, which for the best part, is simply to eat less.

It’s all about calorie intake vs exercise. The simple maths is that your body requires a certain amount during the day, and yet if you manage to burn whatever you eat, your body should change shape. Muscle gets created, which requires various food groups, to maintain it. Interesting little facts like how much protein one needs for the body to use.

Marion’s exercises have also been wonderful. I’ve learnt what I wish I had learnt before – had I been paying attention. The best part of it is that there are small things I didn’t know. As bizarre as it sounds, because it is very easy to follow. Going from week 1 and finding a lot of the exercises quite hard, to being able to run up Kingsland without too much issue are a huge step forward.

This week was a good laugh too. Everyone is in high spirits. I’m putting it down to meeting Sammy Saint if I’m honest.

It just shows what doing this properly can do. Again, teaming up with Jon, who for an older guy can certainly hold his own. I decided to put in a bit more effort this week, such as really sprinting down the pitch side. He kept up with me. Simon in the background yelling at me to “beat him Chris!”

Ill keep you all updated on the next few weeks, but im so pleased with the results so far.

From week 1 to week 6:

Weight: 87.6kg to 84.8kg
Waist: 111cm to 104cm
Body fat: 24.6% to 22.6%
BP: 140/90 to 122/78

The improvements are noticeable. Mainly in all my trousers keep falling down.

I need a belt.

Note from Jon: – Older guy?????!!

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