SFIT – Halfway There

Major milestones this week as I reach midway in SFIT and my weight loss. Statistics coming your way.

So, after 3 months (week 15) of being on the Slimming World diet I passed the halfway mark. It’s not been a struggle to be honest. Yes it’s a restrictive diet but it’s not that far off the plate of well being we learnt in SFIT. There’s only a couple of differences such as you can eat as much free food as you want, ie pasta and meats whereas the perfect plate restricts portion size. Generally I’ve followed the SW diet whilst restricting my portions of carbohydrates and starchy foods. Both diets tell you to limit the fatty and sugary food and I’ve managed that better than I thought but why does animal fat taste so nice?

I could kill for a pint of Ringwood and some hairy pork scratchings.

I had some very quick wins in my weight loss but was knocked back when I hit my first week where I didn’t lose any weight. I needed a reminder that I’m on a journey and not a 100 metre dash. We want immediate results; we live in a here and now society where if it’s not in front of us we lose interest. Mentally I needed to change so I plotted my weight loss on a chart against a projected average of 1 pound loss a week. Stay below that line and I’m on track. So far so good.


Week 7

Not so much to say about the content this week as it was measurement week but if I were to use one word to describe the week it would be laughter. Throughout the classroom and exercise sessions there was a lot of laughter. The mickey taking is now well and truly in full flow.

Paul did a recap which included a humourous conversation about how ex footballers pile on the weight when they finish playing (Not Matt Le Tissier or Franny obviously). The message being that if you want to maintain a healthy body then you don’t stop.

The stats below show my progress since starting SFIT. I’ve lost a few KG’s and my BMI has dropped well into the overweight and not obese zone. My peak flow and lung capacity to intake air has increased. This means that when I’m exercising my lungs can take in more oxygen and get that to the muscles allowing quicker recovery.

Week 1 Week 7
Weight 98 Kgs 93.9 Kgs
Waist 113.5 cm 107 cm
Body Fat 30.40% 28.6
Heart rate 72 63
Blood pressure 128/74 118/72
BMI 31 28.7
Peak Flow 610 650

I’m sure everyone on the course has also done well and this is testament to the positive attitudes of the lads and the excellent tuition from Paul and Marion to motivate and take heed of their advice outside of the sessions.

The exercise was exactly the same as last week except with more laughter. As there’s a cup game next week we won’t be able to use the Kingsland so Marion gave us the option of either running/walking over the Itchen Bridge or a game of football. Hmmm, football fans having the choice of a kick around or running over the bridge? No contest.

I have a visions of Marion acting like Mr Sugden, the PE teacher from Kes next week but really looking forward to the footie!

Not Marion

Lastly, I bought a bike. One capable of long journeys but more about that after Christmas.

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