SFIT – Two a Degree

Week 6 saw a recap and a bitterly cold session of circuit training and our guest blogger is Tim who gives a brilliant and honest account of his journey.

Credit: Chris Pendreigh

Week 6

Paul’s session in the class room was a recap of the previous 6 weeks to gauge our understanding of the subjects that we’d been through.  He ran a Q&A session drawing on such topics as the history and reason of SFIT where the Scottish Health Service have a more proactive approach to prevention rather than cure (Week 1) than their NHS counterparts.  In addition, he covered the food groups and what types and amounts of food we should be eating (Week 2).

Furthermore, he quizzed us on our knowledge of calories, what a calories meant and how much energy we would need to expel to lose one pound of weight (reduce intake by 500 per day for 7 days) and also the benefits of losing 10% of your body weight (Week 3).  He asked us about our understanding of how much and what type of exercise we need to do on a weekly and daily basis and what RPE meant (Week 4). Lastly, he went over questions relating to drinking (Week 5).

Overall, I think we showed a good understanding of the subject matter, mostly helped by the humourous delivery of the subject by Paul.

Marion led the training out of the concourse and onto the bitterly cold pitch side.  According to my car on the way out the temperature was 2 degrees.  It felt like worse.

Unfortunately there were a couple of cherry pickers working by the Itchen Stand so we couldn’t run all the way around the pitch and had to warm up on the red tarmac next to the Kingsland.  We did some gentle jogging and then sprinting before stretching and starting the circuits.

Credit: Chris Pendreigh
Station Activity
1 Jogging on the Trampettes
2 Running up the steps at Block 28\29
3 Lunges with Kettle Bells
4 Lateral or Bicep Raises with Resistance Bands
5 Boxing
6 Running up the steps at Block 30
7 Lateral or Bicep Raises with Resistance Bands
8 Sit ups on the balls
9 Jog then sprint pitch side or skipping rope

I paired up with Chris again and we chose to start at Station 2, the running up the steps at Block 28.  This was a tactical choice as I was still freezing my balls off and felt it was the quickest way of warming up.  I tend to sprint up the steps quite quickly and usually with a lot of energy however by the end of the exercise I’m really struggling to lift my legs.  The steps get steeper and steeper…….. the next time I get a season ticket I’ll try and avoid the Kingsland in case it gives me a nervous twitch based on the memories of heaving myself up and down those steps!


The boxing is popular amongst the team and Chris proved to me that his right hook was better than his left.  Both Chris and I failed at the skipping rope and opted to jog and sprint whilst Matt showed he was a dab hand at skipping (think Mohammed Ali training and you’re not far off).  I tried to get as close as I could to the lights on the pitch during the jog\sprint so I could gain some benefit from the warmth of their heat.  Next time I’m going ask if they could be pointed towards the Kingsland rather than down onto the pitch.  Even 20 feet away you can feel the heat.

Over the weeks the training has intensified and we’re working harder.  Next week we’re looking forward to seeing the benefit of the exercise and nutritional advice as we revisit our weights and measurements from Week 1. Once again, I’ll post my as a comparison.  Lastly, we’re looking forward at changing the exercises with a trip to the gym and suggestions on gym programmes and a run over the Itchen Bridge.


I have never felt so glad or the need for heated seats in my car until the drive home.

Tim’s Story

Tim’s written a good piece on his 15 million steps and also how it impacted himself and his relationships.

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