SFIT – Battles and the Booze


Awesome progress as I push through the 2 stone loss marker, a new exercise is added to the circuit training and I get to introduce you to Matt, our guest blogger for this week.

Slimming World produced a 4½ pound loss which tipped me past 2 stone mark this week.  This came as a surprise to me as I didn’t expect it. We were split up into 2 groups and played a game on guessing how many Slimming World syns were in some Christmas related scenarios.  This made us think a bit on how we make our choices in the forthcoming festive season.  My group won the game and it was my turn to take home the cuddly toy, this time Max the mushroom, which I then had to post photos of in various locations during the week to the Facebook group.

What’s clear is that we can easily fall off the diet wagon and overload ourselves quickly with more calories than we think through bad choice.  A good example is visiting a friends house at Christmas and having a glass of wine. According to the Slimming World book it’ll be so many syns for a 125 ml glass however if you think about it, when was the last time you weren’t given a wine glass that was full to the brim at home?

Week 5

Topically, Paul discussed alcohol this week.  He went through the average amount of calories in certain drinks and most are around 200-250 calories. When I think that I was in a routine of having at least 2 bottles of wine on a Friday night then that was my calories allowance going down my throat in liquid format.  Sadly we couldn’t find the mythical ideal low calorie alcoholic drink.

Paul also went into some detail about how alcohol affects us. It switches off our filter that prevents us from doing stupid stuff (*I cringe as I think back to the multiple incidents involving traffic cones, falling asleep in odd locations and bad decisions*). In addition, the liver prioritises the alcohol so that any other fuel we ingest turns to fat around our organs as it’s not being processed.

He then went onto say that these days a lot more alcohol is drunk at home and that resonated with me.  I had got into the routine of drinking a lot at weekends however I’m now past the point that I automatically pick up the wine glass on a Friday and rather I’m picking up the weights at the gym. Notwithstanding this, it’s not my intention to become a born again do-gooder as I still enjoy a drink, just that I now enjoy it more in moderation.  More information on how you can sensibly enjoy alcohol can be found on the Drinkaware website.

Once again, Marion took us for circuit training and this was virtually the same layout as the previous week with the exception of some boxercise.  This is designed to get the blood flowing and the heart beating.  I paired up with Chris and we started on the trampets.   The conversation was flowing for the first 30 seconds until we started the running on the spot where both our RPE’s hit the non-talking stage.  I flew up the steps at block 28\29 during the first run but by the second run I was out of breath and my legs weren’t as responsive.

Chris was the first one to take the boxing gloves whilst I held the pads.  I think he lied when he said he wasn’t sure about the boxing bit but as soon as he started throwing punches it became a re-enactment of The Rumble in the Jungle.  I think I burnt up more energy taking the punches than I did throwing mine.  At one point our version of Rocky Balboa was throwing punches so hard that he almost missed the pad and, if it wasn’t for my lightning reactions, would have knocked my head of its shoulders.  I decided to put all my weight onto my standing left leg to soak up the pressure and have my right leg ready to kick him in the nuts if he missed again.

Week 5 Circuit Training

The week ended with Simon asking for a group photo for the blog which is below and you can see we’re all still panting. There’s a couple of guys missing through injury and shift work so I’ll post a photo of the whole group at the end of the course.  We’re now at the stage that we all know each others names and really beginning to bond as a group.  The common factors of poor football results or traffic on the M3 still dominate conversations however the group is a lot more relaxed in it’s company and the joking and laughter is really beginning to shine through. Many of us communicate on Twitter outside of the course and friendships are being born.

Credit: Simon Richards

It’s good to know that the blog is going down well and this week I have a truly brilliant piece written by Matt.

Matt’s Story.

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  1. […] Furthermore, he quizzed us on our knowledge of calories, what a calories meant and how much energy we would need to expel to lose one pound of weight (reduce intake by 500 per day for 7 days) and also the benefits of losing 10% of your body weight (Week 3).  He asked us about our understanding of how much and what type of exercise we need to do on a weekly and daily basis and what RPE meant (Week 4). Lastly, he went over questions relating to drinking (Week 5). […]

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