SFIT – Simon’s Story

This week it’s Simon’s chance to give his story about his SFIT journey.


After missing week 3 of the  SFIT course, I was a little nervous and concerned that I was a week behind everyone else. Especially as I celebrated my wife’s birthday and attended a funeral. Both included buffet and beer. I enjoyed every mouthful but knew I’d have to work very hard in my own training to compensate.

Apart from the circuit training we do at St Mary’s stadium, I’ve started to play veterans football every other Sunday and help take my sons football training on Monday nights. In between the nights I take my dog for a 2-3 mile walk at pace. Poor mutt!!! I will be increasing the pace over the next few weeks.

As Jon mentioned, we paired up together which I feel was a good fit. We held a good conversation while on the trampoline and it felt good. Then it was bloody those steps. 48 up then 48 back then a 3rd of the way up and back. In a very long minutes. I chased Jon’s shadow as he raced up the colossal concrete stairs. And I thought to my myself, I really shouldn’t have ignored the salad at the buffet! With wobbly legs after climbing half way to the moon, it was time for a minute on the wobbly ball. Wobbly legs and wobbly ball, what’s the worse that could happen?!? It was very hard to keep my balance, and if I’m honest, it’s my least favourite activity. With my breathing and heart rate slowing up we did kettle-bell squats followed by squats and jumps with a ball. Then a total breather with the elastic tension thingy (told you I was good with words) then approximately another 120 steps. These seemed steeper than the last. Not that it effected Jon. We repeated the whole process again. This time we went pitch side for a jog/walk/run. I said to Jon, jog up, run back? He said sure. By this time I was feeling really good. We jogged to one marker then we opened up and sprinted back. We repeated this over a minute.

After a warm down walk/jog around the pitch and some Stretches I felt great, really great. I purposely parked a mile away from the stadium so I could get my step count up. This is one of the choices Paul mentions a fortnight before and I make those kind of decisions every day.

Since the SFIT course started, I have lost over 4 kg I weight, my lung capacity has increased, fitness levels growing every week and most importantly, I feel good.

Following a Slimming World diet, increasing my exercise and adhering to what the amazing Saints Foundation well being team have taught me, I’m sure I’ll reach my goal of fitter, slimmer and healthier.

Thank you Jon for inviting me to put a few words on your blog.


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