SFIT – Heroes Are (Being) Made


This week I discuss how I’m getting on with the lifestyle change and Week 3 of Saints Foundation SFIT course and also pass the keyboard over to Chris, a fellow SFIT-ter to provide some feedback on how he’s getting on with the course.

It’s now 11 weeks since I changed my diet and I’ve hit a major milestone.  I’ve lost 10% of my original weight.  The change in diet is now a habit, I’m subconsciously grabbing the fruit instead of a packet of crisps. I’m also drinking a lot more water which has left me with a bladder like a spacehopper and once I break the seal that’s it…. but I’m told that will ease off once the body gets used to the intake of fluids! 🙂

Week 3

Again, I parked away from St Mary’s to make up my steps.  My average step count had dropped to 35,000 in one week, with a daily average of 5000. Take away the 2 dog walks on a weekend and my daily count was actually closer to 3000. My lunch time walks have now taken me up to 12,000 a day.  I’m now considering running, rather than walking lunch time which is a massive indication of the benefit of having 10% less fat. I have more energy.

We covered the previous weeks SMART objectives and one fellow course member discussed how he started to use the portion sizing in his breakfast. He said that the smaller portion was dwarfed by the size of the bowl so he changed to using a smaller bowl. Clever idea.

Paul Hedge’s discussion was around calories. We use calories just by existing. We expel energy as our skin regenerates, our heart beats and our hair grows. Energy that isn’t used turns to fat. Paul discussed having an eating plan and then gave the best explanation I’ve heard so far about  breaking down our meals by food groups and how to count calories in our meals.  He estimated my daily intake should be around 2100 calories.

Starchy Food Fruit & Veg Milk & Dairy Protein Foods Butter or Marg
Calories per portion 80 40 90 140 110
My daily intake (portions) 9 8 3 3 1 teaspoon\2 teaspoon low fat spread
Total Calories 720 320 270 420

You also need to allow for a bit extra however it was a good way of showing what my daily intake should look like.  Given that one portion of starchy food, such as a slice of bread, would be around 80 calories, just cutting down on 2 portions would equate to 160 less calories a day.  Not impossible to achieve.

Paul also talked about the benefits of losing 10% of your body weight and, as I had reached that target this week, I could relate to every one of them:

  • Lower blood pressure
  • Reduced joint pain
  • Increased mobility
  • More energy
  • Increased self esteem
  • Lower risk of heart disease, cancer and strokes

I definitely feel more energetic and I’m feeling more confident in myself.  I’m wearing clothes I wouldn’t have normally worn. My weekly work outs at the gym are paying off and I’ll show my guns to anyone who asks…. 🙂

The takeaway message for me this week was to make our bodies more efficient at burning calories.  Your body uses more energy when you have muscles.

Marion Gealer took us for our warm up around the pitch and then we got straight into a session of circuits, repeating the exercises we did last week with a couple more added.

Station Activity
1 Run on the spot on a mini trampoline with a 15 second burst running faster
2 Pull using both forearms on a pull rope
3 Hold a ball, squat and then jump up
4 Run up the steps around block 30 in the Kingsland Stand
5 Run up the steps around block 28\29 in the Kingsland Stand
6 Balance on 2 wobble cushions and squat
7 Lift either kettle bells\weights
8 Pull using both forearms on a pull rope
9 Sit back on a giant balance ball and then do sit ups
10 Jog between two points, 20-30 metres apart and then sprint back

That was knackering.  I paired up with Chris and put a lot more effort into it than last week.  I sprinted up the steps in the Kingsland but by the third time of running up those steps I was feeling a lot less mobile.

Marion stopped me on the second round of circuits as I wasn’t doing the wobble cushion squat exercise properly.  If I’m honest, I was quite happy watching her do the exercise for 45 seconds whilst I stood there panting heavily in her right ear. Might try that one next week.

We took our pulses immediately after the exercise and then after the warm down.  There was a marked difference between the two.  Straight after the exercise my pulse was beating fast, by the end of the warm down I struggled to find it however I’m not dead so I’m guessing I’m ok.

Week 3

As we finished I could see just how much hard work we’d all put into the circuits. Through the discussions in the classroom and the energy we’re expelling on the side of the pitch at St Mary’s, I can see that we’re re-shaping our futures. Heroes are being made.

Chris’s Journey to SFIT

Chris is a fellow SFIT course attendee.  You can find Chris’s page here:

Chris’s story

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