SFIT – Chris’s Story

This will be my first blog, even if we have already reached into week 3 of the SFIT course at SFC.

I shall start with an intro to myself, before getting into what I have done so far. Well, I’m Chris, and I’m a baker (at the moment anyway). I spend a lot of time on my feet which is the counter opposite to most people I’ve met on the course, who remain at desks for the best part of their day. That’s not to say that what I’m doing is any better in any shape or form though. One thing I’ve noticed over the last year or so is how much weight I’ve put on. I have tried the gym on several occasions, but decided against it for various reasons, until now anyway.

I think my main reasons for not using the gym is I’m body shy, out of shape, and more importantly, I have absolutely no idea about health and fitness. It has not really been an area of interest to me, so until now, I’ve not showed it much importance. Plus, I’ve spent much of my life on the opposite end of needing to diet or do exercise. Yes, I was skinny.

However, the last year, like I mentioned, I’ve ballooned, especially around my belly. This culminated when to my shock, I had to wear a suit to a wedding, and the shirt didn’t close. Nor did my neck button. I even had problems putting my socks on due to my belly.

This motivated me enough to sign up for the gym. I went there with no knowledge and ran a 5k on my first time, with absolutely no warming up. Suffice to say, I barely made it across the car park on the way out. I didn’t know how out of shape I was. Another problem is the next day, you ache. Its very off putting, so the gym took a back step.

Bringing us forward to SFIT. I saw an advert on twitter, which categorised me perfectly. Men, above 35, who have a waistline of 38 inches or more.

I started the course, met a bunch of similar guys to myself, and for once, had been given a uniform two sizes more than I thought I would be, and it wasn’t far off fitting.  Jon has filled you in with the previous weeks, and I’ve gone on for long enough, so I shall just explain how the third week has gone.

Well, to start, I made a SMART meal plan, and for the best part, I stuck to it. By the second part of the week, my lunch had decreased in size, removing two slices of bread, and replacing them with a piece of additional fruit. Coffee now with no sugar, or Canderel if i fancied it.

Water has gone from 1 litre to 2.5 litres, and I stepped up my walking from roughly 7500 steps a day, to 12000 steps a day. Yesterday I had 17000 which I was very pleased with.

There are some things which have shocked me. Paul mentioned pizza, which I don’t eat much anyway, but my daughter is a fan, so when he told us it would take 6 hours of running at 5 mph to just burn off a few slices, I was perplexed. I never realised that what we eat has to go somewhere, and if you aren’t exercising, it will store up in your body. Exercise is good, but it needs to be built up, and luckily, this is what we are doing on SFIT. Week 1 was a run around the pitch at St Mary’s, week 2 was some circuit training, whereas week 3 included some extra things like jog sprints.

To be honest, it was the most intense training we had done so far, and I made a mistake in wearing thermals as I wasn’t feeling great during the beginning of the week, and so ended up rather chilled. Afterwards, I was sweating buckets.

I have also invested in a Fitbit under recommendation. It has been a revelation, and also a great motivator. The pedometer that we had been given had already made me aware of what I’ve been walking, and this Fitbit has increased this with heart rate and calories burnt vs food intake. So far, I’ve completed the tasks it has asked me.

What has surprised me was the result I got from my daily cycle ride to work. I travel 3 miles, and it takes me roughly 15 mins to get to work and back. I decided to really push it with the new Fitbit and see what the results were. Shocking, only 77 calories were burnt. Considering we need 1650 calories just to exist, and eat on average 3500 a day, just 77 calories in a cycle ride just showed me I really need to up my game. Luckily, I think I’m in luck with these guys, each motivating each other. Paul Hedges told me he estimated my calories intake should be 2100 a day, so all that extra snacking (mostly at night) is going to have to stop.

But I’m really pleased that I’ve learnt so much over the last few weeks. Calories, to eating properly. Its all really quite obvious, but I guess as there is some maths involved, people don’t like doing it. Plus learning how to exercise properly has paid dividends. Really looking forward to week 4 now.

Chris's Fitbit
Chris’s Fitbit


  1. […] Chris was the first one to take the boxing gloves whilst I held the pads.  I think he lied when he said he wasn’t sure about the boxing bit but as soon as he started throwing punches it became a re-enactment of The Rumble in the Jungle.  I think I burnt up more energy taking the punches than I did throwing mine.  At one point our version of Rocky Balboa was throwing punches so hard that he almost missed the pad and, if it wasn’t for my lightning reactions, would have knocked my head of its shoulders.  I decided to put all my weight onto my standing left leg to soak up the pressure and have my right leg ready to kick him in the nuts if he missed again. […]

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