Ok..so I’m using complex passwords so we’re all good, right?

Nah. You’re on the way to being a lot more secure than you were when you were using the same password across all web sites but you’ve not completely reduced the risk.

Add A Little Extra To Your Authentication….


There are two elements that you use to log onto most websites; your username (typically email address) and a password.  So after reading my last blog you’ve changed all your passwords but it’s still possible that someone has managed to get it through a hack or social engineering.  You can add an extra layer to that authentication by introducing 2 Factor Authentication (2FA).

2 FA for most websites comes in the form of introducing your mobile number phone in the process.  You log onto the site using your username and password which then prompts the site to send you a text with a code.  You enter this code on the website to verify it’s you and then the device you’re using is now authorised.

This means that to impersonate you the hacker needs access to your mobile to intercept the text message.  It’s not impossible but it’s a lot harder.  I’m guessing if there is a hacker out there with the technology to get username, password AND text messages then you’re probably James Bond and the Chinese government are after you.

Not all websites use 2 FA but most of the major social media and email accounts do.  For instance, if you’re using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram then I suggest you set it up.  Likewise, if you’re using Gmail or Yahoo email and of course you don’t want anyone stealing your hard earned cash through Amazon.

The 2 Factor Auth List is a great website that lets you know whether a web site utilises 2 FA and also points you in the right direction on how to set it up.


What Else Can I Expect From This Blog?

Over the coming weeks I’ll cover such topics as:

  • Securing your personal information assets through backing up
  • Protecting yourself from viruses and attacks
  • Wifi networks….are you sure they’re secure?
  • How to protect your hard drives if they are stolen

If you’d like me to cover another topic then give me a shout!

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